After an outpouring of praise from the critics, many are convinced Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be Game of the Year .

Konami is convinced, too.

Speaking to MCV , marketing executive Jon Edwards said MGSV is the "most engrossing and stunning game" of 2015 to date.

" Anyone who has spent any amount of time with it has been blown away by its depth, scope, and ambition. It is one of those games where people go: 'I wonder if I can do this?' and they inevitably can. Many games claim to be sandbox, open-world affairs, but Metal Gear Solid V does offer incredible freedom. Yes, there are missions, but it is truly up to you how they are tackled. When we have shown it to the press, the interesting thing is that they don't discuss just the missions or what they played, but how they did it. You get people swapping different stories, and discussing how they beat certain elements. "

He added that MGSV "moves closer" to the ideal vision creator Hideo Kojima had for the franchise, as he always wanted to build a game with immense scope and detail. Edwards also cited the PSP entry, Peace Walker , as the place where some of these ideas formed (like Mother Base, for instance). Finally, he said:

"It's the game of the year–guaranteed."

Yeah, well, he's a marketing boss so he's supposed to say that. But he's probably right.

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