Yeah, I know you haven't played it yet.

But with the massive amount of media and the loads of early reviews out there, you've got a very good idea of what to expect. I mean, we already know Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is, at the very least, a Game of the Year contender .

That being said, based on what you know – and maybe what you've played in Ground Zeroes – where do you think MGSV will rank on your personal series scale? It's always a question worth asking when you're talking about a franchise with so many entries. Hell, Final Fantasy fans can talk about this all day. MGS fans are only slightly less rabid about this particular subject, and I'm wondering what the die-hards have to say.

As I put a premium on storytelling in this particular franchise, I'm a little concerned by what I've been reading (which in turn prompted this editorial ), so I'm thinking MGSV won't be at the top of my list. I guess it's still MGS3, with the disclaimer that I wasn't really into the genre when the first MGS arrived, and MGS2 got shelved when I got Grand Theft Auto III . Even so, I have no doubt I'll enjoy MGSV.

How's about you?

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