If you're anxiously anticipating the story-based expansion The Following for Dying Light , developer Techland has a treat for you.

They've released a new uncut gameplay trailer that shows off over 15 minutes of action, complete with commentary from some of the designers.

This comes from last week's Twitch stream, and you'll watch as "The Trust Is Out There" – the new quest in the expansion – unfolds. You'll also get a peek at the new features, including driveable and upgradeable dirt buggies, a huge new map, and new types of ranged weapons. It's sort of like a freaky Mad Max environment, complete with zombies.

The Following will be priced at $14.99 but if you've got the Season Pass, it will come to you at no extra charge. A demo will be playable tomorrow on PlayStation 4, so be sure to check it out!