Arcade-style side-scrolling action meets…fish?

Well, yeah, basically. As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , developer Neon Deity Games – a 3-man team – has announced that Shutshimi is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita on August 25 as a Cross Buy title.

What began as a 24-hour game jam project blossomed into a full experience, and now it's coming as a "vastly expanded version" featuring 2-4-player local co-op, tons of new power-ups, updated visuals, fresh enemies and bosses, a bunch of new music, online leaderboards, and Cross Save and Trophy support. Dubbed a "Cute 'Em Up" that tells the story of The Fishy defending its waters against a swarm of invaders, Shutshimi is fast and fun.

And when we say "fast," we mean it. Levels normally last only 10 seconds; afterward, the player has 10 more seconds to pick a power-up from the shop for the next round. The problem is that The Fishy has a poor memory so the power-ups are often forgotten almost as quickly as they're found, and some power-ups aren't even "power-ups." They're actually bad .

It looks like a ridiculous yet super jazzy game, so maybe it's worth a shot. Perfect for the Vita, perhaps.

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