If you're psyched for The Taken King expansion for Destiny , you'll be tuning into the livestream event, right?

The livestreaming begins today and continues until The Taken King launches for all platforms in September; for more, check out developer Bungie's blog .

Here's a teaser video for the livestreaming event; entitled "Destiny Year Two," it offers a brief overview of the new content, features and improvements fan can expect. We get a peek at the game's new Light system, increased level cap, Faction allegiances and Exotic blueprints, and don't forget that The Taken King boasts a massive new location called The Dreadnaught . The anticipated addition also boasts new campaign missions and those are previewed in the teaser as well.

The Twitch livestream starts at 2 p.m. EDT and it's hosted by executive producer Mark Noseworthy and senior design lead Tyson Green. The Taken King is a giant expansion ; so big, in fact, that we're even getting a special PS4 bundle .