If you didn't know, developer Ready at Dawn started working on The Order: 1886 way back in 2011.

And to see what the game looked like back in 2012, check out some prototype footage, spotted by Gearnuke .

Ready at Dawn describes the footage as having "primitive" character motion as compared to the final product:

"You might notice that the character’s motion is more primitive than in the final product. Our initial approach was heroic proportions and handkeyed stylized animations, but after sprinkling motion capture into the game, we pushed in a more realistic direction."

The developers also showed off an early prototype of their real-time transformation system for the Lycans. The team's goal was to make these transformations happen in real-time and as they said:

"One of our focuses for The Order: 1886 was to have immersive cinematics that transitioned smoothly into game.The way we accomplished this was to make EVERYTHING real-time.

This meant that our transformations had to be solved in a way that matched the quality bar we were going for throughout the rest of the game, while making a system light enough that it would still run in real-time."

This is pretty cool stuff, especially if you have an interest in the nuts and bolts of game development.