It used to be that not much happened in December in the video game industry.

Sony changed all that last year with the wildly successful PlayStation Experience, and it's no surprise to see them announce a 2015 edition in San Francisco .

This year's event will be held between December 5 and 6 and as you can see, they've moved from Las Vegas to San Francisco's Convention Center. Attendees can sample "2016's biggest games" on the show floor (even though we don't have a list), and Sony promises a few "patented PlayStation surprises." Last year, we got several big announcements and laid eyes on a ton of great titles; we expect nothing less in 2015!

Tickets will be a little cheaper, too: Those who register before September 20 can purchase a two-day pass for $60 (while supplies last). After that, the price for a 2-day pass rises to $75, but that's less than the $90 Sony charged last year. One-day tickets will cost $45 for Saturday and $40 for Sunday, as opposed to the $50 charged for both days in 2014. You can even snag a special Capcom Cup VIP package, featuring front-area seating, a Capcom goodie bag, and access to the Capcom Cup after-party.

Yeah, they're holding a massive Street Fighter V tournament with a huge $250,000 prize pool. Gonna enter? Or maybe you just want to go watch. Either way, expect some fireworks from Sony before the year is out, and you can grab your tickets by visiting the PlayStation Experience website .