Capcom's previous attempt at a Street Fighter V beta test was an unfortunate failure .

The servers never really functioned properly and eventually, Capcom just had to postpone the beta. Now, however, it might be back up for a limited time.

The test now appears to be at least partially online, as several people have reported being able to get into matches. GameSpot recently updated that editors in both San Francisco and London could actively participate and Capcom released the following statement:

"We are currently running an internal stress test on the SFV servers, which will help us get the first official public beta program re-launched as quickly as possible. We appreciate your continued patience and we'll share more information on the timing of the official beta tests soon."

So this isn't official but you might still get a peek. Stay tuned to see what Capcom has to say next week.

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7 years ago

Finally got to play this last night;good times!

3 years ago

Finally got to play this last night;good times!