Well, I've been saying this for years.

Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore has dismissed the conspiracy theories behind downloadable content; specifically, the idea that publishers hold back content to sell later as DLC.

In a new GameSpot interview , Moore denied the idea that publishers create content and then hold it back from production for post-release sale:

"A lot of [fan] resistance comes from the erroneous belief that somehow companies will ship a game incomplete, and then try to sell you stuff they have already made and held back. Nonsense.

My desk in the office is about fifty feet away from Visceral, and it's a hive of activity developing extra content for Battlefield Hardline. You come and stand where I am, and you see the work that is being done right now. And it's not just DLC, this is free updates and ongoing balance changes."

Many industry insiders have said DLC is the only way big-budget AAA games can turn a profit these days, but gamers still don't like the idea of paying a base price and then shelling out more for "the rest of the game." Then there's the locked content found on discs, which has fueled the conspiracy theories. But Moore addressed the locked content, calling it necessary building blocks for future expansion:

"You have to do that from a technical perspective. Think of them [games] as APIs. Knowing down the road that something needs to sit on what you've already made, means you have to put some foundations down. What people are confused about is they think DLC is secretly on the disc, and that it's somehow unlocked when we say."

One final note: DLC, expansions, microtransactions; none of this would exist if you didn't buy it. If it fails in the marketplace, it won't exist. Obviously, all of this has proven immensely popular and therefore, if you have a problem with it, perhaps you should turn a critical eye in the proper direction. The direction it always belongs- toward the consumer.