SideQuest Studios just made our day.

As they revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , a double dose of beautiful turn-based strategy is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016.

First up, the team is bringing the very well-received Rainbow Moon to Sony's new console some time next year, which is great news for all those who missed out the previous generation. And besides, you'll want to play the first before playing the second…

The second effort is the previously announced sequel, Rainbow Skies , which is also coming to PS4 now. It won't be ready until the second half of 2016 but the developers are working hard to expand and improve: The anticipated game now "has an increased emphasis on storytelling, writing, character backgrounds, and acting." Featuring "multiple, interwoven narratives" and easy-to-read dialogue, the game will be that much deeper and more rewarding.

There will even be a more complex dialogue system, as four characters can now speak simultaneously. All of this comes as music to the ears of Rainbow Moon followers, because they've been asking SideQuest for a better and more involved storyline in Skies . Additionally, we get new animations, emoticons and conversation-specific icons, along with short cut-scenes they're calling "action clips."

Well, if we have to wait for another year or so, it's nice to know the game will be even better when it finally arrives.

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