Welcome to the family.

The game was officially announced last week and publisher 2K Games delivered our first look at Mafia III at Gamescom 2015.

The reveal trailer is below and it looks very promising. Developed by Hanger 13 (a new development studio under the 2K umbrella), the new adventure takes place in 1968 and stars Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran who has opted for a new line of work after the war. The setting is a re-imagined New Orleans, which is at least partially controlled by the Italian mob. They've got their hands in everything from illegal gambling to prostitution.

The story will be a huge part of the experience, as 2K president Christoph Hartmann said:

"Mafia III continues the strong franchise tradition of a captivating story set in the treacherous and calculated world of organized crime. Mafia III captures Hangar 13’s mantra of ‘every player story is unique’ through a cinematic narrative that responds to player choice."

Players can build their own crime empire by either subtle cunning or outright force. Will you go for criminal diplomacy or the heavy-handed brute approach? Mafia III is expected to release some time next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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