Square Enix has some big role-playing games on the horizon (if you want to call them that), and perhaps the biggest three are obvious:

Final Fantasy XV , Kingdom Hearts III , and the recently revealed Final Fantasy VII Remake . Okay, so which is your horse? Which, at this point in time, excites you most ?

FFXV was once known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII and in all actuality, it has been in the works (in some fashion or another) for over eight years. This either fills you with plenty of confidence or trepidation, depending on your optimism vs. pessimism ratio. We've already had the Episode Duscae demo – which was released with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for PS4 and then released again after an update – so maybe that's enough to excite people. …or it's enough to turn them off.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake got a ton of attention when it was announced at E3 . But a great many have lots of reservations, especially after Square Enix confirmed "dramatic changes" would be in effect. It's either going to piss off millions of hardcore FFVII followers or it's going to miraculously please them. As for Kingdom Hearts III , I think most are expecting something special but we kinda need a solidified launch date. Maybe we'll be more excited when we get one.

Where do you stand?

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