Another unique title for the PlayStation Store.

Indie creator Joakim Sandberg has announced on the PlayStation Blog that Iconoclasts is coming soon to PS4 and Vita.

It's an action/platformer "with a heavy emphasis on puzzling level design." So, there's a combination of beating on enemies and solving various problems, and tools include a giant wrench and a modified stun gun. We get to find power-ups and secrets within this "vast, mysterious" world and it's awfully colorful to boot.

Sandberg makes a point of citing the bosses, as he has always loved them. He implemented them in his game with the vision of "exciting performance exams at the end of a gameplay semester." Therefore, we can expect some really engaging and memorable boss encounters that might just remind us of the good ol' days when we said, "holy sh**, I gotta fight that thing?!"

He says he has always wanted to make a game that blends Metroid Fusion with Monster Hunter World IV , which is certainly an intriguing proposition. Toss in a very personal touch and you get Iconoclasts , which could end up being a beloved digital gem.

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