For many, tower defense games are just the perfect form of entertainment.

They have that attractive pick-up-and-play accessibility, while also offering plenty of depth and wickedly addictive gameplay.

That's why fans of the genre have to circle August 4 on their calendars: As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , The Castle Game is coming to the PSN, courtesy of designer Ayngaran Vamatheva (trust me, I copy and pasted that impossible-to-spell albeit very cool name).

He gives us the standard tower defense gameplay we all know and love, and incorporates several innovative and unique twists. For instance, there are escort missions to try, and it's interesting to have all the structures be destructible. The intoxicating blend of action and strategy will come complete with "three different game modes, a huge arsenal of defenses including ranged and melee defenders, traps, and spells, and a wide variety of enemies that can bomb, freeze, and take control of your defenses."

Check out some gameplay:

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