It's now time to relive an instant classic. Or, if you never had the pleasure, it's time to belatedly indulge.

Thatgamecompany, Tricky Pixels and Sony are proud to bring you Journey for PlayStation 4 , which releases today. The newly updated product, featuring 1080p visuals and 60 frames per second, will support Cross-Buy, so if you bought the digital copy for PS3, you get the PS4 at no extra charge (and vice versa).

But they're celebrating a lot more than the release of the new version. First, they've got a "very elegant" dynamic theme for your PlayStation 4; second, they want to remind you of the #OurJourney initiative, which asked those who played the game, "What Did Your Journey Experience Mean To You?" Continuing that endeavor, they encourage everyone who has played through the captivating adventure to relate their tale. Record your video testimonial, upload to YouTube and Twitter, and add the #OurJourney hashtag. See more here .

If the developers like your testimonial, it'll be featured in an upcoming testimonial reel. Cool, huh? Plus, they've opened the online doors of the brand new Journey PlayStation Gear Store , which offers a bunch of amazing items, including the first ever Journey collectible statue.

This particular Journey is one well worth taking, as so many of you already know.

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