Brothers in Arms isn't dead. It's just on hiatus, and developer Gearbox Software definitely wants to bring it back.

Studio boss Randy Pitchford tells IGN in a recent interview that they require just the right partner for such a project.

Thing is, he says the next entry "has to be authentic" and he "spends a lot of time thinking about it." Obviously, the team has plenty of ideas but Pitchford reminds us that it "takes a lot of resources, energy and money to do what must be done," so we'll have to be patient:

"I need good partners for it, so we've been talking to great folks but it's really putting all that together that's the limiting factor. Once we put all the partnerships together in terms of publishing, collaborators, and creatives, we can talk about it."

If they can nail down these partnerships, Pitchford believes "development will really take off" and that's when they can officially announce the new title. Until then, we'll just have to wait. The last installment was 2008's Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway , which was decent.

And don't forget that Gearbox is currently working on Battleborn and Borderlands 3 .