More content for an already endless game.

Bethesda has revealed the first DLC expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online ; it's called Imperial City and it'll launch on August 31 for PC and Mac. It'll land on Xbox One on September 15 and on PlayStation 4 a day later.

This expansion offers "hours" of new gameplay and boasts new areas, quests, enemies and items. The Imperial City has been taken over by Daedric Prince Molag Bal, so players have to square off against these new Daedric forces. The DLC is part of the ESO Plus program or you can purchase it separately for $20; all content included will be available to players Level 10 and up.

Here's a brief rundown:

Alongside this announcement came news of a patch, which will be released alongside the new expansion. This update will offer "hundreds of fixes and improvements" in all areas of the game; check out specific details here .

So, ESO got you hooked?