When developer IO Interactive revealed the new Hitman at E3 this year, there was great excitement. And a few questions and concerns.

Mostly, fans were a little worried about the new release strategy and overall quality, along with the possibility of microtransactions.

IO has worked to ease those concerns, though. In a recent Q&A , the developer first clarified the release process: Even though the game will initially be available only on digital platforms (PSN, XBL and Steam), it will eventually get a physical release "at some point in 2016."

They also addressed the idea of an episodic roll-out. At E3, they talked about regularly updating Hitman with new content, but this doesn't mean the product is "episodic:"

"We think the word 'episodic' sets up the expectation that we will sell individual content drops for individual prices but that’s not something we're planning to do.

That said, there are some episodic elements to the story in the sense that it’s delivered in chunks over time, so experiencing the story will probably feel episodic. But there is also a ton of other content including live events, which have nothing to do with the story. We’ll also be improving and changing the game constantly whilst you’re playing it."

As for price, the product will hold the standard $60 price tag and there are no microtransactions. Your $60 will encompass everything they release on December 8 "through to the end of the story arc in 2016 and all the live events too." There are no additional or hidden costs, which is very good to know.

Okay, you're more excited for the game now, right?

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