It seems unlikely that the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter campaign will hit $10 million.

It's currently at a little over $4.4 million with 11 days to go. This might be disappointing to some fans, as franchise creator Yu Suzuki was quoted as saying that he'd need $10 million to produce a "true open world."

However, Suzuki has recently clarified those comments ; when asked if he'd be upset if the campaign didn't reach that lofty goal, he replied:

"No I won't be. I am grateful that there's another chance for a new Shenmue. I will make what I can within the budget from your money."

He added that the world he creates will simply be a little smaller; he's saying it would on a similar scale to the main area of the first game: "I'm expecting something similar to Dobuita [the area in Shenmue I] in terms of scale," he said. Well, we imagine it'll be pretty amazing, regardless of size.

And while Sony is helping to produce the game, the company receives no money from the funds raised on Kickstarter. Sony is only on board to assist with marketing.

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