Don't worry about your monitor; the pic here isn't busted.

It's a screenshot of a new solo effort from Erlend Grefsrud; it's called Myriad and as revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , it's headed to PlayStation 4 and Vita.

Grefsrud handled just about everything with the exception of the music, which was produced by "his reverberant majesty Mathias Rudsengen." The game is a "beatmatched crystallization of arcade aesthetics," so the longer you play, the prettier it becomes. Based entirely on performance (no story, no characters, etc.), you must defeat enemies and build the level you're in. However:

"But beware: defeating enemies only multiplies their numbers. Your goal is to blow up the level you built in a glorious chain reaction to clear it of enemies, upgrade your weapons — and do it again. Bigger and better."

The soundtrack continues to build to your performance, and every performance is recorded and can be rewound. This means you can effectively control time; there's no "death" in the game. If you fail, you simply rewind and try again. The idea is to keep the crescendo forming so you wouldn't want to start at the beginning each time.

A very cool premise for a game, Myriad could be a bite-size winner.

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7 years ago

didn't you have a tralier for that recently didn't look half bad

happy gaming

4 years ago

didn&#39t you have a tralier for that recently didn&#39t look half bad

happy gaming