So, you're a PlayStation 4 owner. Maybe you were one of the first in line to grab one on launch day. You were just so excited.

As of now, what would you say your satisfaction level is? Is it higher or lower than where you thought it might be this far into the generation?

It's interesting how our passion for and excitement in any given platform can change significantly over the years. I remember being over-the-top pumped up for the PS2 and I was blown away by the incredible launch lineup, and 2001 was just a staggeringly amazing year. After that…well, I wouldn't say my satisfaction level was low (PS2 remains one of my favorite consoles ever), but its superiority almost became hum-drum. It was like, "yeah, PS2 rules, so what else is new?"

Is that where you're at with PS4? Maybe not; maybe you're waiting to see more examples of the system's hardware prowess. Perhaps your satisfaction and excitement level has a ways to go. Or, you're perfectly happy with the way things are going along, and you're tired of people asking, "where are all the PS4 exclusives." It's the latter, right? šŸ˜‰