As always, considering the source, you might want to take these results with a grain of salt.

But VGChartz has proven more reliable of late so perhaps these numbers aren't so far off.

According to the updated global sales tally for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U, the PS4 not only has the lead, it has nearly doubled the lifetime sales of its closest competitor, Xbox One. This is as of May 2015:

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 23,217,798

Xbox One Total Sales: 12,835,320

Wii U Total Sales: 9,727,909

Further, another chart shows how PS4 has easily beaten both other consoles every month since it launched. That's hugely significant as well but it's important to remember that Xbox One has emerged on top in the US several times this generation so far.

And chances are, if that's accurate, the gap will close this holiday season…perhaps only to see it widen again in 2016. And hey, maybe this is solid evidence as to why Activision opted to side with Sony for Destiny and Call of Duty . Makes perfect sense from a numbers standpoint.