Perhaps you'd view Project Morpheus as a fancy peripheral.

But Sony says that's the wrong perspective. Their new virtual reality initiative shouldn't be seen as an expensive accessory but rather as an entirely new platform for the PlayStation 4.

SCE America CEO Shawn Layden clarified the company's position in a recent Forbes interview (as cited by VRFocus ):

" VR for us, it’s not a peripheral. It’s not a, ‘here’s the latest way to interact with the game’ thing. It’s a platform. It has the ability to impact gaming the same way that smart phones [changed] cell phones… before it was ‘I can talk to a person, I can text a person, what more do I need?’ But then the smart phone came out and it’s like, wow, I can do all that in my hand? I think Morpheus is going to have a similar impact on gaming or entertainment consumption. "

Project Morpheus didn't make a humongous splash during E3's press conference last week, but they should have 20 games available when the VR device launches in the first half of 2016. We still need a finalized date and a price; the latter detail will be critically important.

What would you be willing pay for Project Morpheus? And do you agree that it is indeed a whole new platform?