Bethesda showed off some awesome Fallout 4 gameplay during E3, which was very encouraging.

But the original debut trailer didn't go over quite as well, which led to some gamers wondering why the game didn't look as good as expected.

Speaking during an E3 panel presentation (as cited by GameSpot ), Bethesda game director Todd Howard was asked about how the team will utilize the power of the new consoles to deliver a striking visual presentation. Said Howard:

"I think with each of our games, the graphics [are] always going to move along. Not just the graphics, but memory is important to us. How much memory it has. If we make a world that has, not just more details, but more dynamic details that we can keep track of and stream in and load quicker, all of that suspends your disbelief that this is a real world."

Howard added that "graphics matter" and when asked about the differences between Fallout 4 and its predecessor, he added:

"Looking back at Fallout 3, there is a sameness to the environment. It can be, if you're playing the game for an eight-hour stretch, a little depressing."

I like the brighter look of the new game, that's for sure. As for whether or not the final product will be satisfactory from a graphics standpoint, I have no doubt there, either. Do you?

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