As we embark on another potentially slendiferous E3 show, we just want to know:

What are some of your favorite memories for the show? Which moments have stuck out most in your memory?

You're at risk for showing your age if you go too far back (i.e., "I remember when they showed off the first PlayStation!"). ūüėČ But there have been so many great memories; it's difficult to select just one, isn't it? Personally, I've always been partial to the surprises that made me excited to be a gamer. Games I sorta expect are coming, or even gameplay samples of titles I already knew about never blew me away (with only a few exceptions).

But every once in a while, they reveal something so astoundingly great, so chock full of potential, brimming with ambition and great design ideas, that it just makes me happy. I'm not interested in tech or numbers or more expected sequels. While some of that can be great, I want to be blown out of my chair, you know?