Okay, I'm sure you have reasons for picking your horse for this year's E3, and here's your chance to explain.

Which of the "Big 3" will make the best showing at this year's trade event? Will it be Sony, with a bunch of top-tier exclusives; will it be Microsoft with their own exclusives; will it be Nintendo with…um…their new console?

Who knows what we'll see, but it's interesting to gauge ahead of time. One could argue that Microsoft has the edge right now, as Xbox One has a better exclusive lineup for the holiday season and they've just locked in that $350 price tag. And don't forget that Microsoft has been on the comeback trail over the past few months, perhaps largely due to that $50 price difference and the lack of reasons to grab a PS4 over Xbox One.

But Sony's first-party teams are always head-and-shoulders above everyone else, right? And what about Nintendo? Does anyone have any idea what to expect from them these days? What, more mobile news?