It could be one of the more impressive games at E3.

Developer Gearbox Software has released some new details about their MOBA-like title Battleborn , which is in the works for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. There's also the new E3 2015 "Every Kind of Bad-Ass" trailer, which you can see below.

The game will boast 25 playable characters and each will go into combat with unique weapons and abilities. You progress by way of the Helix System, which lets players boost their character level from 1-10 in a single-player mission or multiplayer match. You can either play alone or with up to four others in the Story Mode, and Gearbox made it plain that you can tackle the entire story alone if you wish.

As for multiplayer, there will be three modes at launch: Incursion, where teams defend their base from an onslaught of AI-controlled enemies, Devastation, a mix of deathmatch and domination, and Meltdown, where teams protect their minions as they march to their death at the center of the map. You get points for any minion that tosses himself into the incinerator. Fun.

For more on how the Persistent Progression System will work (there's both Character Rank and Command Rank), visit GameSpot . And expect to see a lot more when E3 rolls around.