If you're a die-hard old-school RPG fan, you know you want this.

Dragon Quest Heroes is headed to North America on October 13 and it's coming with Day One and Collector's Editions, much to the delight of franchise followers.

The Collector's Edition is only available exclusively through Square Enix's online store and it features a Slime plushie, keychain, and lanyard (Slimes are iconic in the DQ series, of course), plus the Day One edition copy of the game. And yeah, it all comes packaged inside a sweet treasure box package, which will undoubtedly make you smile.

As for that Day One edition, it offers several bonus in-game items as part of the Slime Weapon Set. We get the Slime Sword, Gooey Gloves, Goomerang, Squishing Rod, and Gungenir. The Day One version will be available in other retailers in case you want to nab it; it'll go for the standard retail price. The Collector's Edition, on the other hand, will run you $100.

And here's a new trailer for your viewing pleasure. You're excited for October now, right?