It's colorful and relaxing and it's coming to PlayStation 4.

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , Gravity Ghost is headed to Sony's latest console, and the game will boast some extra content as well.

PS4 owners will receive 3 additional bonus tracks, a new unlockable character, and a new constellation with fresh challenge levels. If you're unfamiliar, you play as Iona, a ghost girl who zooms through the cosmos searching for her friend, the ghost fox. She'll meet some crazy characters in her travels and she'll also learn more about her own death.

The narrative is helped along by Logan Cunningham ( Bastion 's awesome narrator), Ashly Burch ( Hey Ash Whatcha Playin? ), and Sarah Elmaleh ( Gone Home ). The gameplay also appears to be…ceaseless yet languid. I almost went into a trance just watching this video.

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