If you love the nuts and bolts of video games, especially when it comes to cutting-edge projects like Killzone: Shadow Fall , you'll appreciate this.

Developer Guerrilla Games has released a number of behind-the-scenes things that give you an idea of what has gone into the making of Shadow Fall .

First up is a tech demo that gives us a peek at designers utilizing the CPU Profiler, Matrix Mode, particle lighting and forcefields, and Volumetric Effect. You can see actual gameplay footage after the two-minute mark. And if that isn't enough, if you want even more details concerning the intricate design process, check out a 103-page presentation that tells how Guerrilla took advantage of the PS4's extra power to create the new Killzone . Just bear in mind that 103 PDF pages take some time to show up.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be a PS4 launch title later this year, and it's easily one of the most anticipated titles of 2013.

Thanks, Zak!