The list of glitches and bugs in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was pretty hefty upon launch, even though developer CD Projekt Red has been working to fix the issues.

We wanted to know how your copy of the game was running and according to our recent poll, most of you are only experiencing a few minor issues here and there.

Obviously, the major game-crashing bugs are much rarer than the little – often comedic – hang-ups that frequently pop up in ambitious open-world games. Most understand this, even if they've had bad experiences with the game. Besides, by the time another month passes, The Witcher 3 will be running significantly better thanks to multiple patches an updates.

But is it worthy of Game of the Year? Of course, we're not even halfway through 2015 yet but when something this huge arrives, you have to assume it's a contender. Or, maybe you think it's an automatic lock…or not a contender at all. Let us know.

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