Evolve is a great game…provided you want to play with others. It's not quite the same experience going solo.

But publisher Take-Two Interactive knew that. And they also cite it as a "lacking," which implies that the next title might have a heftier single-player component.

After confirming that Evolve is a permanent franchise alongside Red Dead , Civilization , Bioshock , and of course, Grand Theft Auto , Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick talked about the success of Turtle Rock's well-received game. He says there has been "something like 27 million game sessions played" and they've moved over 2.5 million units.

Zelnick added that it's an "important franchise" but:

" We think we've developed another permanent IP. But if there were something lacking, I would say it would be that it was probably a bit too multiplayer-focused, which we knew all along. "

Don't forget that Take-Two specializes in fantastic single-player experiences, as evidenced by their library of games. Obviously, they feel it's an essential part of the interactive experience, which is precisely why their games tend to be awesome. 😉

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