We still haven't seen the game in action yet, but developer Harmonix has given us a better idea of what to expect.

In speaking to IGN , designer Alli Thresher says the upcoming Rock Band 4 will boast an "epic, branching story that will play out differently based on your actions."

Betcha didn't expect that, huh? Thresher says players start in their hometown, on a quest to become the biggest band in the world. You'll even make decisions that will have "significant consequences" for the future of the group. Does this mean if you dive into the drug world you'll just be a flash in the pan? And what about sticking to your "artistic integrity?" Said Thresher:

"So, you might take a gig where you decide you are the spokesperson for off-brand salted meats and start your every gig by warming up the crowd telling them how much you like salted meats. And the crowd is not into it and booing and stuff, and you have to play really, really well to get them over it."

But if you don't want corporate sponsors, you can "couch surf around the country, use social media to meet people, and sleep on their floors." Oh, classy. But I guess it qualifies as "rock and roll," right?

This could be a very interesting music game.

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7 years ago

This whole "decision making" fad in video games is getting to be a little too much. Next thing you know you will get "good" karma and "bad" karma based on those decisions.

No one is willing to write a good story with linear progression these days…

But then again, it's Rock Band, so who cares what the story is. It's all about the music.

Last edited by SaiyanSenpai on 5/26/2015 10:49:18 PM

7 years ago

I will be the greatest rock star in the world! By… you know… only playing covers of everyone else!

7 years ago

well that would be new for this kinda game would be neat to see for sure

happy gaming