In the world of virtual reality, the audio might end up being just as important as the visuals.

In January, Oculus VR announced plans to enhance the audio capabilities of their VR headset by integrating Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) technology. Now, according to a VRFocus report , it appears Sony may have done the same thing with their VR tech, Project Morpheus.

During a "3D Audio in VR" presentation at the Shayla Games VR Jam in Copenhagen, Unity Technologies' Wayne Johnson suggested that Project Morpheus utilizes a "generic" HRTF model. Up until now, Sony has only talked about using binaural audio but now, it looks like they're following Oculus VR. Sound quality will undoubtedly be essential, so perhaps this is a good move.

Sony continues to build on the foundation that is Project Morpheus. Earlier this year, they revealed a fresh prototype, which featured a 1080p OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. It's expected to go on sale some time next year.

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mk ultra
mk ultra
7 years ago

Saw someone in public using the Morpheus the other day. Not sure exactly what they were doing as I didn't see anything it was connected to, but it definitely looked futuristic.

So does that mean when you move your head around the audio tracks accordingly? So if you look behind you the audio cues flip? That would be awesome and in many ways mandatory for good VR.

I want to play Alien Isolation with one of these.

7 years ago

Wonder if prolonged use will ruin eyesight… wonder if that'll lead to any lawsuits.