How we solve a puzzle is an interesting process.

And it's this process that's at the forefront of Jonathan Blow's newest project, the PlayStation 4 exclusive title, The Witness .

Blow wanted to focus on the "natural learning process" with this game, as he said in a recent Official PlayStation Magazine interview (cited by GamesRadar ). This is why puzzle-solving and exploration lies at the core of the game:

"Before Braid I didn't really have that idea, and then in Braid I saw, 'Oh yeah, there's this thing that happens when people encounter puzzles.' For The Witness, the whole game is designed around that experience – that arc of understanding. You see something new, you have no understanding of it, and gradually your understanding increases in the experience."

As for what's next on Blow's plate, he's actually going to tackle a more "traditional videogame" as opposed to one that focuses almost entirely on puzzles. But whatever he creates, it stands to reason that it will be highly creative and likely innovative.

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mk ultra
mk ultra
6 years ago

Sounds interesting. It's awesome that Braid has inspired a lot of developers. I've heard several mention it. I feel that's a solid measuring stick to determine just how classic a game is. How many people did it inspire, and how many games would not exist if it had not been made.