It's everything you need to know about the first expansion, Criminal Activity.

Developer Visceral Games has officially revealed the full contents of the debut DLC for Battlefield: Hardline .

This new add-on boasts fresh maps, guns, vehicles and equipment, along with a new Bounty Hunter Mode. Oh, and you can play dress-up if you so choose; there are six new masks, including one freaky rabbit one (see the picture here).

Here's the summary:

Criminal Activity should be ready to go next month, and it's just the beginning. Three more expansions will follow: Robbery, Getaway, and Betrayal. If you picked up the $50 Season Pass, you'll get them all at no extra charge; if not, chances are, you'll have to shell out $15 for each expansion (no official pricing just yet).

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7 years ago

looks alright hope its some what good for those playing cos i want it to be good for those that are still enjoying the game atm

happy gaming