If you helped Mortal Kombat X earn the franchise's biggest launch ever , you're probably still enjoying the game.

But maybe you aren't convinced about buying the extra downloadable content characters. Maybe you need to sample before you buy.

Well, that's why developer NetherRealm Studios is letting you try out some of the new characters. Every once in a while, one of these premium fighters will show up in a Challenge Tower and this weekend, it's Jason Voorhees ("Friday the 13th"). Voorhees gets his very own Challenge Tower this weekend, so all players can check him out for the next few days.

This Premiere Tower features six matches and gives you two chances with each of the character's three fighting styles. If you decide you want him, you might just spring for the Kombat Pack for $30. This nets you Jason along with other premiere DLC characters like Predator, Tanya and Tremor.

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Nas Is Like
Nas Is Like
7 years ago

Yeah I tried him out and I have to say I was impressed. His styles are all calm, confident yet aggressive. I like that. Contemplating getting the DLC now. Hopefully Predator, Tremor and Tanya are as good, if not better.