Time to get excited for Call of Duty: Black Ops III .

Not long after the reveal trailer turned heads, Treyarch and Activision stepped forward with a bunch of new gameplay info.

Perhaps most enticing is the fact that the multiplayer mode will boast a wall-running feature, ala Titanfall . Approaching a wall at an angle will start the wall run, and you can even leap between walls (doing so resets your energy meter). The meter is also used to power-slide and thrust-jump; the latter features aren't brand new but they'll be implemented differently.

Plus, they confirmed Specialist characters that have unique equipment and abilities. There will be nine Specialist characters in all and here are four (as summarized at GameSpot ):

Ruin: A fearless infantry soldier with a "gravity spikes" weapon that creates an area of effect attack, and the "Overdrive" ability, which gives him a burst of speed.

Seraph: A member of a crime syndicate with the "Annihilator" weapon, a high-caliber revolver, and the Combat Focus ability, which triggers a bonus multiplier towards Scorestreaks.

Outrider: She has a compound bow called "Sparrow" and a "Vision Pulse" ability that pings the surrounding area and tags the location of all enemies.

Reaper: An experimental War Robot with a "Scythe," an arm that transforms into a mini-gun, and the "Glitch" ability, which allows it to flashback to a previous position.

Another fresh addition: Swimming. Yep, some maps will have water and you can dive in and go. If you're wondering about the authenticity of this feature; i.e., if a gun will work underwater, don't be concerned. It's CoD. Of course your gun will work underwater.

One of the more important features will be the all-new weapon customization system called Gunsmith. You can add up to five attachments to any weapon and even apply a custom paint job if you like. All this in addition to last week's leaked details and you should be set for a while, I hope.

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mk ultra
mk ultra
7 years ago

There's no going back now. I preferred CoD when it wasn't completely sci-fi and at least pretended to be a modern military shooter. CoD4 remains the only great one. I think if they completely ditched the sci-fi and made another in the vein of the original modern warfare it would do great. I hear more complaints than praise in the CoD community. Everybody just wants a modern CoD4, not a sci-fi game.

7 years ago

this actually sounds pretty exciting, but these are all probably only for multilayer which kinda sucks