The PlayStation Network is often home to some of the most unique, inspiring video games around.

For example, take a look at a new PS4 title called Submerged by developer Uppercut Games. It was just revealed today over at the PlayStation Blog .

A city has become flooded and siblings Miku and Taku arrive at this strange place in a boat. The brother, Taku, is injured, and Miku has to carry him to shelter before she can begin gathering the necessary survival supplies. Players will explore with the boat and Miku's trusty telescope; finding forgotten caches and other little treasures will help a great deal.

Also, as you progress, you'll start to discover clues as to the fate of the drowned city. Plus, we learn more about the siblings and how they came to be in that boat in the first place. On the design side of things, the team uses Unreal Engine 4 and they enlisted the help of BAFTA Award-winner Jeff Van Dyck to deliver the beautiful soundtrack.

Oh, and the game is accessible: There are no "failure states," in that you can't ever die. It's a relaxing, gorgeous adventure that could be perfect for relieving stress after a particularly long day.

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