Don't mistake me: I love campaigns. In fact, I tend to completely ignore online multiplayer.

But at some point, we should probably acknowledge the reality of the situation: If the biggest shooter franchises in the world completely ditched the campaign, would anyone really care? Would anyone even notice ?

Let's face it, nobody is lining up for a midnight launch for a new Call of Duty or Battlefield or whatever so they can rush home and play the single-player quest. That just doesn't happen. Most people I know don't ever touch the campaign; the bigger shooter fan they are, the less they're interested in solo play. Developers are putting a ton of money and resources into creating these campaigns and honestly, nobody even appreciates it.

And all critics ever seem to do is complain about any given shooter campaign. No campaign seems good enough. They're too short or too repetitive or the story isn't any good, etc, etc, etc. All anyone ever does is complain about the campaigns. Why keep wasting millions on a feature the core fan base doesn't care a fig about? Why not put those resources into the multiplayer and give everyone precisely what they desire?

I like my shooter campaigns just fine. But from a market standpoint, I can't understand why they even still exist.