If you bought Mortal Kombat X last week, you weren't the only one.

According to UK sales tracker Chart-Track, the latest entry in the 22-year-old series has set a new record: It has enjoyed the biggest UK launch in franchise history.

It's also the second-fastest selling title of 2015 thus far, just behind last month's Battlefield: Hardline . As for MKX, the majority of copies purchased (61 percent) were for PlayStation 4, while 38 percent of the copies were for Xbox One (1 percent for PC). In other sales news, thanks to the PC edition of Grand Theft Auto V hitting star shelves, the uber-popular title has shot back to #2.

Here's the Top 10 for last week:

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7 years ago

This is good news. We need fighting games doing better.

I have not played it but I'm sure it's tons of fun.

7 years ago

It is. It's the best one yet by a mile.