Looks like it's time to rekindle the old music rivalry.

It'll be Guitar Hero Live vs. Rock Band 4 and even though we don't have a ton of details on the latter, the recent unveiling of the former seems promising.

But I suppose the real question is this: Do we really care? Yeah, I know this particular industry was worth a couple billion dollars during its heyday in the last generation, but haven't we moved past it? Will this new "war" really be a huge draw in terms of press coverage and community discussion? As both franchises will release re-imagined iterations, I'm sure that's worthy of at least some discussion.

I'm just not sensing the a rejuvenation of interest. Doesn't seem like everyone is jumping up at down at the prospect of seeing these two franchises return. I wonder…once a fad dies, it's difficult to resurrect it. Sometimes, you have to wait a long time; perhaps even a few decades, as is often the case in fashion. It wasn't that long ago that Activision burned us all out on a hundred Guitar Hero entries. Are we really ready for another go-around?

What's your read?

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