The NBA playoffs just got under way but Electronic Arts has already predicted the Finals winner.

After running a playoff simulation in NBA 2K15 , the Golden State Warriors emerge victorious. In the virtual world, they took down the Cleveland Cavaliers in six games.

This means if Curry does end up going toe-to-toe with LeBron, Curry will get the upper hand, right? Don't forget that the Madden simulations for the Super Bowl have been eerily accurate over the past decade or so (especially this year's creepy result ). As for the NBA 2K15 playoff sim, there weren't many upsets but hey, maybe that's how it will pan out. Check out the full summary here .

The Warriors did upend the Pelicans in the first game of their first round series, so they're off to a fine start.

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7 years ago

Ben, I think you meant 2K Sports.
It'd be unwise for EA to do a simulation with their competitor's game.

7 years ago

Cavaliers v. Warriors is a logical choice. However, if the Cavs play like they did 2nd and 3rd periods of yesterday's game all Playoffs long, Cavs just might get their first championship.