Every fighting game could use a little tweaking after it launches.

And even though Mortal Kombat X is indeed a great fighter, the freshly released 1.02 update makes the experience even better.

Not only do we get new costumes for several fighters, but we also got some appreciate gameplay alterations and improvements. Check 'em out:

General: Throws (regular or command grabs) will no longer sometimes connect on a grounded reacting opponent off a counter hit

Shinnok (Impostor): He can now control the location of a stolen Goro Stomp.

Subzero (Grandmaster): Combos on a grounded opponent frozen by the Ice Klone will now scale properly.

Takeda (Ronin): Added a new move “Quick Kall” (Down, Towards, Front Punch) which quickly returns a dropped blade without doing an attack.

Takeda (Shirai Ryu): He will now always teleport to the other side when doing the Air Shirai Ryu Port

Mortal Kombat X exploded onto the scene, becoming the "biggest launch in franchise history." It has received solid acclaim from critics and no, it hasn't showed up on the news yet. But it's only a matter of time before MKX is blamed for some horrible thing.

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