If you're having difficulty with Bloodborne , look away. This will only make you feel worse.

That's because someone managed to beat the ultra-challenging PlayStation 4 exclusive with a freakin' Rock Band guitar controller.

Benjamin "Bearzly" Gwin dubbed his crazy run "Guitarborne" and you can watch the entire epic run at his Twitch channel , or you can check out his most difficult encounters in the video below. Said Gwin:

"I used a 'Titan One' to use my Xbox 360 Rock Band 1 guitar on a PS4 and remap the controls. There are a couple issues with PS4 support but overall I was very impressed with it!"

Gwin managed to beat Dark Souls with the same controller, by the way. Guess this is a personal challenge for him; others can call it downright masochistic but really, it's quite the achievement. We've noticed that people are trying all sorts of nuts-o ways to take on Bloodborne …what, the game isn't hard enough as is? Geez.