It's a whole lot of work condensed into a video that's just over a minute long.

The Witness is coming soon courtesy of Braid developer Jonathan Blow, and it's shaping up to be one of the best indie titles we've ever seen.

How far has it come in the five years Blow has been working on it? Well, check out this new video produced by game designer and blogger Matthew VanDevander , who collected a bunch of screenshots for the island setting of The Witness . The screenshots show the progress of the game over the years and it's quite impressive.

We don't have a concrete launch date for the game just yet, but we do know it'll feature at least 677 puzzles. And yeah, it looks pretty sweet, too.

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slow and smart
slow and smart
5 years ago

wow 677 puzzles,sounds great to me….

5 years ago

thats alot of puzzles and the maps look nice so thats good too lots of time you will need to play this one

happy gaming