Hey, remember when you wanted your opponent to stop peeking at your screen?

Australian indie developer Samurai Punk has opted to put a positive twist on such cheating: It's called Screencheat and it will release on PlayStation 4 later this year. They'd already confirmed an Xbox One version, and the game initially launched on PC, Mac and Linux platforms in 2014.

Screencheat actually encourages you to look at another player's screen. Yeah, split-screen, remember that? As designer Nicholas McDonnell wrote over on the PlayStation Blog : "What was once taboo is now the key to your success." The game supports four players locally and up to eight can play in online split-screen matches.

It's kinda backwards but it's definitely an interesting concept. You have to find your foes by looking at other screens; not yours. You get help with color-coded maps along with structural elements and landmarks. Just remember that you die with only one shot so you better be sure of your aim! Check out some brief gameplay via the link above.

Hey, I liked co-op split-screen. Your partner could see if you were in trouble and where you were on the map… Twisted Metal 2 leaps readily to mind.

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