It's too soon for official numbers but that isn't stopping franchise co-creator Ed Boon from giving us some positive updates.

As he said on Twitter , the recent launch of Mortal Kombat X has become the biggest launch in series history. The game released on Tuesday to decent critical praise and Boon added that "millions" of players are already enjoying the brutal combat.

Boon also thanked fans for their patience as NetherRealm works on a few issues. Thus far, the MK franchise has sold 35 million units and chances are, Mortal Kombat X will push that number up over 40 million. If you've purchased the game, what do you think of it?

For our analysis, check out our recently posted review .

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7 years ago

I'll add to thoses number soon i still need to pick up the game

7 years ago

It was day one purchase for me and it's actually better then what i expected 🙂
Gameplay flows alot better and the story mode was amazing! Can't wait for the dlc characters to arrive.