If you haven't yet experienced Journey , shame on you.

But you can redeem yourself this summer: A remastered version of the award-winning production is coming to PlayStation 4, along with two other Thatgamecompany titles.

FlOw , Flower and Journey will be packaged on one Blu-Ray disc for PS4 and all games will run at 1080p and 60 frames per second. Furthermore, a standalone digital version of Journey will be available on the PlayStation 4; FlOw and Flower are already up there. If you already purchased the latter two titles on PS3 or Vita, you can grab the digital iterations free of charge. Not sure yet if Journey will also support Cross Buy; chances are, it will.

Say what you want about these remastered versions of great games. They're still great games that got just a little better. What's wrong with that?

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