Think graphics are the determining factor behind the average video game purchase?

Not so. According to a new Nielsen study , while graphics may be a driving force behind a PlayStation 4 purchase, individual game purchases are different.

Believe it or not, "Interesting Story/Premise" was the top factor according to the ESA's survey. 22 percent said this was the overall top governing factor when they were deciding on a game purchase. Price is #2 at 15 percent, while Word-of-Mouth (11 percent), Product is a Continuation of a Favorite Game Series (10 percent), and Product is Familiar to Me from Past Experience (8 percent) are all ahead of Graphics Quality (7 percent).

The report also included some intriguing stats; check 'em out:

Graphics aren't everything, obviously.

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7 years ago

Yea, I remember this news…. from back in February.

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7 years ago

yeah i'd say that would be quite true been playing unchartered 2 and the graphics aren't like amazing comparitively to todays standards but i still have enjoyed it alot and the visuals weren't really a factor for me with that game so yeah i concure for the most part with this "report" or whatever it is

happy gaming